For any business to be successful, they must know their competition. We start our research by firstly digging deep into what your competitor is doing. Along with that, we look at various factors involved in the industry you are working in. Then, we come back to your website, track the performance, look for things that may be missing, point out things that may not be on the right track, and then we collect all this data. We collect data from three different sources: the competitor, the industry, and your website. Once we have gathered all the data that we need, we plan to improve or make the SEO campaign successful.The three steps involved in our research include: ➤ Competitor analysis. ➤ Analysis of the website along with the server. ➤ Analysis of various factors in the specific industry.
Based on the data that we have collected through our research, we come up with a custom strategy only for your website. Here, the point to note is that every website or brand has different goals to achieve. What is suitable for your website may not be ideal for another person. Hence, with the help of your website’s collected data, we come up with a strategy to achieve optimization. We may adopt the following strategies, depending upon the need of your website:➤  Increasing usability of the website.  ➤  Intriguing blog posts.  ➤  Knowledgeable content. ➤  Keyword analysis/Keyword mapping report. ➤  Marketing campaigns. ➤  Content promotion. ➤  ROI tracking.  All of these small strategies combine to give rise to a more effective SEO services strategy. Based on the need of your website, we may apply any of the processes.
Next up is the implementation of the plan. We have experts working in different areas of SEO optimization. Some experts only focus on research; digital marketing experts; they are solely responsible for tracking performance. So, each expert is assigned a specific job.In the implementation phase, we focus on blogs, service pages, product pages, on-page optimization.  Then, according to the created strategy, the experts start the implementation phase. They also give you a specified period in which you may start seeing the expected results.
The keyword selection is the most essential yet crucial part of SEO. The best keywords are selected based on Average Search Volume. We also keep track of low competition keywords when searching for your topic. The keywords added to the content are high, medium, and less competitive. The choice of keywords may vary from category to category and from niche to niche.
There are many methods that we use to rank websites on google, and some of them are On-page SEO, Off-page SEO, and many more. The most common one is Off-Page SEO, in which we try to use specific techniques which are off page and rank websites. These methods are 100% legitimate, and no harm is ever done to the website. Some companies out there are selling some Black hat techniques which rank a website, but all of these techniques are temporary nor permanent. Google’s Robots are way ahead now. They can easily detect which website are using these spammy methods to up their positions on the web. We do not use or advertise these black hat techniques either.
Yes, genuinely authoritative and legitimate, and the ones which we use help a lot in increasing the Overall Domain authority of the website. Most of us don’t know how vital Domain Authority is, and we neglect its position while working on a website. But our team has dedicated persons who are constantly working to increase the DA of any website by white hat methods.
Typically, it depends on the difficulty of the keyword which you have chosen to work on. The smaller keywords can be easy to rank, and the bigger ones take a lot of time to rank. One cannot define the time frame in it. The process is simple and straightforward, and that is, you must have to work despite how much it takes to rank. This is why we urge all of our clients to at-least work for six months or more to reach the desired results. As there are many other websites out there who are willing to take your position, but it takes time to deliver results, and after the work is done, the website indeed gets what it deserves.
The methods is completely online. If you are interested in buying our services, just let us know. You can contact us or send us an email to our registered email ID, and we would be telling you about the payment process. We have made complex and easy methods so that our clients get all the attention that they need.
Our services start at Rs.18,000 / month. Other than that, it depends on industry competition. If you want to target high competition keywords, then you need to choose our bigger packages. You can have a look at our packages and choose whichever fits your needs.